Building a Customer First Strategy: The Rise of Customer Insight

10/03/2020 11.30 -12.30 London Book Fair, Kensington Olympia, W14 8UX

A London Book Fair seminar event aimed at academic and scholarly publishers on the importance of customer insight, providing useful tips on how to get started with building a  customer-first strategy. 

Customer insight is a term used frequently in consumer and trade markets. But many non-trade publishers face silos of data that don’t talk to each other - journal subscribers, textbook adopters and book purchasers, through to sales and publicity contacts to marketing lists. This restricts the ability to make evidence-based decisions in marketing, sales, publicity and publishing. What is the scholarly and academic sector doing in this area and how can it benefit business strategy? Our panel of industry experts will share different perspectives on how a 360 degree view of a customer can provide insights into motivations and behaviours, surface opportunities, and tell you what sells and why. And they will consider what your systems SHOULD be telling you about your customers and discuss how you can get more value from your existing Customer Relationship Management tools. They’ll also inspire you with their thoughts on a customer first strategy for publishers and a vision on how to establish a feedback loop from customers’ requirements into the publishing programme. If you thought customer insight wasn’t a priority for your organisation, think again.

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